Our Projects

Mars Resource Utilization and Botany Research Station

Future Space Architecture is one step closer to ensuring a sustainable life on Mars. The MRUBR station is an architectural and engineering design solution intended to house research, mining, farming, and manufacturing infrastructures to support sustainable permanent human colonies on Mars.

Lunar Lander

The FSA team is designing the NEXT-GEN Lunar Lander Outpost (LLO) capable of long-term lunar missions. The LLO is designed to perform multiple ascend and descent trips to and from lunar orbit allowing astronaut rotation, resupply, and refueling. It also allows for compatible integration with future Modular Lunar Habitats. 

In-house tools & Know-How

 We are continuously developing our own library of tools giving us a head-start on utilizing emerging technologies to develop cutting-edge designs.

As an example, we have developed a program (Beta version) that calculates and plots a spacecraft trajectory to Mars under different conditions.

Health Care In Space

Future Space Architecture considers health care needs and requirements of astronauts and integrates them into our habitat’s and spacecraft’s designs, allowing for a balanced ecosystem to sustain extended space and planetary expeditions.

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