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We develop Human-Centric Spacecraft and habitat designs for long and short term space exhibitions. Covering the Project development from (Technology readiness Levels) TRL-1 through TRL-4, we create innovative design solutions that are tailored to the needs of astronauts living and working in space. With our designs we seek to promote the astronauts’ wellbeing and quality of life while maintaining best functionality for the intended mission in space.



Future Space Architecture supports you in optimizing your designs for human-system integration throughout your projects’ life cycle from TRL-1 through TRL-8. Depending on your projects’ needs we will either advise on human-centric space architectural designs or take a more hands-on approach working closely with your team.




Our team provides independent design reviews to assess human-centric design compatibility. We compile an assessment report providing recommendations and mitigation strategies based on your project’s milestones.



“The total is bigger than the sum of its parts” for NewSpace businesses and professionals, who are advancing this growing industry. We are enthusiastic about interdisciplinary collaboration on NewSpace projects and welcome design collaboration, joint grants, or partnerships.

What We Do

We advance your NewSpace projects – space stations, Satellites, Habitats, and spacecraft – by delivering tailored designs that optimize the crew’s living and working conditions. We also draw upon our expertise and research to integrate balanced human-centered ecosystems into your projects to improve the astronauts’ quality of life during short or extended space and planetary expeditions.

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Human-Centered Design for optimal living & working Conditions


orbital stations 

Off-Earth Habitats

Did You Know . . .

We integrate Building Information Management (BIM) to design, create, and manage information for our NewSpace projects to improve the connection of teams, workflows, and data across the entire project lifecycle.

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