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Omar Alayli

Chief Space Architect

Omar Alayli is a space architect and Innovator. He founded Future Space Architecture, a Space Architecture design firm dedicated to developing Space Stations and off-world habitats. With a background in architecture and twenty-two years of international experience,  Omar is designing space structures and providing sustainable human-centered eco-systems to improve the astronauts’ quality of life during long-term space expeditions.

Our Vision

To lead in establishing a permanent orbital settlement in Mars’s orbit, advance the space industry, and accelerate the realization of a sustainable human colony on Mars. By doing so, we develop a network of orbital colonies that facilitate the transfer of science and research, goods, and astronauts across our geocentric and heliocentric systems.

Our Mission

To develop the most innovative and efficient space station and habitat Modules and create sustainable and permanent orbital human-centered ecosystems and environments that maximize the crew’s quality of life during space and planetary expeditions.

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