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Omar Alayli

Founder | R&D

Omar Alayli is an entrepreneur and innovator with a 20+ years of Leadership & entrepreneurship experience across business management, space architecture, and architectural design and development.

Omar Alayli founded Future Space Architecture, a Space Architecture design and R&D firm dedicated to developing Space Stations and off-world habitats.

Omar believes in designing space structures and habitats that provide sustainable human-centered eco-systems to improve the astronauts’ quality of life during medium and long-term space expeditions.

Our Vision

To lead in establishing a permanent orbital settlement in Moon’s & Mars’s orbit and develop a Logistic ecosystem supports space stations, spacecraft, satellites, and planetary habitats. Our goal is to create a network that would bridge the transfer of research, resources, and astronauts across our geocentric and heliocentric systems.

Our Mission

Sustain a permanent orbital human-centered ecosystems.

Maximize the quality of life during space and planetary expeditions.

Exponentially increase crewed and non-crewed space mission timelines, safety, and viability.

Provide the international private and public sectors competitive alternatives for a long-term presence in orbit of planetary bodies.

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