Vertical-Inflatable Module (VIM) Highlights

The Vertical-Inflatable Module (VIM) launches on a SpaceX Starship or an equivalent rocket, with a volume 2/3 that of the current International Space Station and large enough to accommodate two levels. It can house 15 astronauts comfortably for long-duration missions.

EDEN VIM Features:

  • Inflates, then compresses along its Zenith-Nadir axis, expanding its diameter beyond conventional Inflatables Modules
  • Vertically aligned with the Zenith-Nadir axis
  • 13m Diameter (42 Foot-Diameter) Inflated
  • VIM can house 15 Astrounats comfortably with ECLSS, adequate space for recreation, exercise, mess hall, stowage, and sub-systems
  • Single or double levels depending on application
  • VIM requires one single launch
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Inflatable Part

Total Module Length(Packed):           15 m
Total Module Length(Inflated):           11 m
Diameter (Inflated):                            13 m
Total Internal Volume:                        660 m3
Volume of Payload Racks:                310 m3
Levels:                                               1 or 2115

Fixed Module part

Module Lenght:                                  2.6 m
Diameter (Inflated):                            4.3 m
Total Internal Volume:                        35 m3

Potential Uses

 – Science & Research: 68 Int’l Standard Racks + Overhead & Stowage / Subsystem
 – Agriculture Research: 400 m2 Growing Area ,  Equipment (Osmosis, Fregiration Unit, Pump, Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Controls, and Automation, etc)
 – Movie Production: Length x Diameter = 4.3m x 12.5 m clean volume
 – Tourism – 30+ Guests for Events and Exhibitions
 – Medical Unit: 4 Observation Bed + 1 Minimally Invasive surgery room + 1 OR + 2 ICU Beds + Equipment, Tools.
 – Hospitality: 15 Guests, Mess Hall, Exercise, Storage,  Hygiene Zone, Observation (Cupola Or MEP Node)