The Space Architect's Diary #002

NASA Capabilities

Did you know the full extent of capabilities that NASA offers to support the bidders of the planned 2027 Human Landing System(HLS)(Originally planned for 2024)? The same 2.9$ Billion bid that SpaceX won over BLUE ORIGIN.

Below is a summary list of NASA’s Centers that stood out to us & some of their capabilities that are relevant to our own ongoing Lunar Lander Outpost (LLO) Project:20

Ames Research Center

  • Evaluation of HLS designs
  • Playbook Systems to Plan/Schedule all Crew Activities
  • Design Support & Training for the Human Factor

NASA John H. Glenn Research Center

  • Space Propulsion Technologies
  • Advanced Power Systems
  • In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Technologies
  • Cryogenic Fluid Storage and Transfer – reduced gravity
  • Advanced Communication Systems
  • Development of Material for Extreme Environments

Kennedy Space Center

  • Launch Pads and Launch Infrastructures
  • Assembly Building & Mobile Launch Platform
  • Commercial Launch Control Center
  • ISRU Technologies, Including Granular Mechanics & Regolith Operation
  • Prototype Development & Testing
  • Advanced Life Support & Habitation Labs

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • End to End Deep Space Mission Design, Navigation, & Trajectory Analysis
  • Engineering for Entry Descent & Landing (EDL) + Deorbit Descent and Landing (DDL) Systems
  • Hazard Detection & Avoidance Lander Functions
  • Environmental Monitoring Technologies

Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Advanced LIDAR for Precision Docking, Rendezvous, and Landing
  • HLS Avionics and Software Development
  • Developing Satellite Servicing Technologies
  • Integrated Optical & Radio Frequency Communication

Armstrong Flight Research Center

  • AFRC Vision Technologies
  • High-Risk & Atmospheric Flight Research
  • Simulation, Maintenance, & Test Projects
  • Lunar-Lander Trainer

Langley Research Center

  • Entry Systems Mechanical Engineering & Structural Analysis
  • Modular Assembly
  • Thermal Protection System Design
  • Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
  • Inflatable Habitats & Airlocks
  • Deorbit, Descent & Landing Simulation, & Analysis
  • Simulation for Orbital Gateway & Moon/Mars surface operation

Stennis Space Center

  • Propulsion Testing from Engines to Launch Stages
  • Propulsion Expertise in Multiple Fuel Types – Methane, Hydrogen, & RP

NASA Johnson Space Center & White Sands Test Facility

  • Mission Architecture, System Engineering & Integration
  • Space Vehicle Systems Design & Development
  • Mission Operations & Training
  • Human Health & Performance Planning, Verification, & Analysis
  • Extravehicular Activity Design, Analysis, Simulation, & Certification
  • Rapid Prototype Lab

Marshal Space Flight Center

  • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Flight Mechanics & Analysis
  • R&D LO2/Methane Propulsion Systems and Components
  • R&D Propulsion Feed Systems, Pressurization, & Propellant management

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